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NEW: Read government documents from the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research,obtained
via the Freedom of Information Act regarding the pharmacological optimization of military performance
which Inspired Xantaeus, the drug at the heart of Perfect Killer

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These links are keyed to specific words and phrases on specific pages of the hardcover edition.

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Page 23, Mississippi Delta

Page 23, Itta Bena

Page 23, Itta Bena, Balance Due

Page 25, naked trees waded in the chill, muddy shadows of Roebuck Lake

Page 26, Itta Bena cemetery - Southern Crosses of Confederate soldiers

Page 34, I met Vanessa in 1965 when court-ordered integration placed her in my Jackson high school

Page 35, Tougaloo College

Page 35, Tougaloo College

Page 41, Roebuck Lake bridge, Itta Bena

Page 41, Roebuck Lake bridge, Itta Bena (aerial)

Page 41, Roebuck Lake bridge, Itta Bena (from lake side)

Page 45, Napa Valley

Page 45, Castello Da Vinci, the General’s massive Renaissance palace atop the old volcanic cone commanding a 360-degree view of the valley

Page 45, Castello Da Vinci, winery web site

Page 46, Defense Therapeutics

Page 51, Edgewood Chemical Biological Center
Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland
and,strangely, at the
DOD Combat Feeding Program at the Natick, Massachusetts, Soldier Systems Center

Page 51, NATO Pharma Lab in the Netherlands

Page 51, nondepleting neurotrop

Page 60, Little Zion Missionary Baptist Church’s ragged little cemetery north of Greenwood

Page 60, Mossy Plantation (bottom of page)

Page 61, Playa Del Rey

Page 62, Catalina

Page 62, Fourth of July Cove, Bombards at the Isthmus

Page 68, Veterans Administration hospital (many photos on this page)

Page 69, Mossy Lake

Page 72, along the jetty running between Ballona Creek and the Marina’s main jetty

Page 75, Advocacy Foundation for Mississippi Justice inspired by

Page 75, Mississippi Center for Justice

Page 77, Coast Guard and Sheriff’s building

Page 81, Fisherman’s Village

Page 82, H Basin

Page 82, the light at the intersection at Admiralty Way turned red

Page 85, white, 1930s, art deco bungalow

Page 90, Oakville Crossroad

Page 91, 1870 Solera

Page 92, Belzoni

Page 94, LAPD’s Pacific Division Headquarters

Page 94, Culver Boulevard just off Centinela

Page 96, UCLA (many images, this page)

Page 101, elite unit attached to the Army Technical Escort Unit, which is a one-of-a-kind, battalion-level organization headquartered at the Edgewood facility at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland

Page 101, Westwood Boulevard

Page 104, Pacific Hills

Page 106, Robert Johnson

Page 118, old POW camps in the Delta then and now

Page 118, Delta farming communities like Belzoni and Greenwood

Page 118, Tuskegee syphilis

Page 127, the Pentagon

Page 127, Arlington National Cemetery

Page 130, Phineas Gage

Page 136, kudzu

Page 136, Mississippi John Hurt

Page 140, Piggy Wigglys

Page 141, Topanga Canyon

Page 142, Snowden-Jones

Page 143, Egypt plantation

Page 143, Greenwood

Page 145, Greenwood Hospital

Page 156, University Med Center in Jackson

Page 170, Sonic

Page 170, Yazoo

Page 173, the VA-in Jackson

Page 182, Not far south of Rising Sun, he turned west toward Quito, across the Yazoo River bridge, and left on a gravel road

Page 193, Mama bought a two-thousand-acre plantation southwest of Itta Bena out of an IRS lien auction, then donated it toMississippi Valley State University.(more here)

Page 193, crossed a new bridge over the Yazoo River, and headed west on Quito Road.

Page 193, two-room shotgun

Page 197. 201, Gabriel and Braxton walk from Century Plaza to Beverly Hilton

Page 205, Task Force 86M (in the hills)

Page 227, coast snakes northward from the missile gantries of Vandenberg Air Force Base to Big Sur’s relentlessly beautiful cliffs and surf south

Page 228, Dan Gabriel jogged along Pecho Valley Road, south of Morro Bay (more pictures here)

Page 229, He sprinted the dune trail, south toward Spooner’s Cove, but the past matched his pace

Page 230, sight of a man and a boy of maybe ten

Page 235, San Luis Obispo

Page 243, Blackhawk returned and hovered over the clearing, Armed men hung out the side door

Page 248,

Page 250, walked the levee

Page 257, Greenwood courthouse

Page 260, rusty hulk

Page 263, buried in or near one of the duck blinds he used, but those are scattered all over the state from the Ross Barnett Tunica

Page 273, Project 112

Page 273, Project SHAD

Page 282, visitor’s lot northwest of the main entrance of the four-story, calf-shit-brindle, brick-sided Veterans Administration

Page 282, electrical power transformer substation supply the hospital. Huge high-voltage cables sloped down from the main towers at one side, and smaller, lower-voltage lines led to the hospital

Page 284, Bell model 47. Lots more here

Page 300, Campbell Field outside Madison

Page 301, The "nowhere" in questionm(see top four images), which had eluded the efforts of the U.S. government, was a boot-sucking swamp approximately south of an abandoned railroad grade, about twelve miles southeast of the Choctaw Indian Reservation near Wiggins, and not far from where the Coffee Bogue Creek oozes into the Pearl River.

Page 311, We landed at the Napa airport

Page 313, Rex and I sandwiched ourselves behind the concrete support pillars of the Highway 29 underpass at Green Island Road


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Belzoni & Heathman Mississippi

Click on a thumbnail to see the larger picture.

Belzoni, the catfish capital of the world

Belzoni, the catfish capital of the world

Belzoni, the German POW camp was located on the left side of the road

Belzoni, some old buildings remain of the German POW camp like the one at right

Belzoni, catfish pond

Belzoni, catfish pond

Belzoni, cotton field after mechanical picking

Heathman, Saint's Rest Plantation, one owned by the Judge

Belzoni, coming into town.the German POW camp was located on the right

Belzoni, some old buildings remain of the German POW camp

Belzoni, coming into town.the German POW camp was located on the right

Heathman, Saint's Rest Plantation, one owned by the Judge

German POW Camp, WW II

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