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Take a good, close look at all the real people, places and events that form the factual backbone of Perfect Killer.

This section is constantly being added to, with video and other special features in the works.

If you want to see what is real, what the people and places look like, this is your page.


My thanks to the people who made this book possible.

Read Why Author Lewis Perdue had to wait for his mother to die before writing this book.


Q&A with
Lewis Perdue

Southern Novel
Wrapped in a Thriller

How My Imagination
Came True, Again!

Dr. Gabriel's Afterword

Critical Acclaim

Lew's Photos of Mississippi (2002)

1972 article from The Nation



Books 'n Blues

Sunflower County Freedom Project

National Military Families Association

The Mississippi Center for Justice

The Advocacy Foundation for Mississippi Justice


Dr. Brad Stone's
Consciousness Studies Site

Univ. of Arizona Center for Consciousness Studies

Operation Enduring Valor

Defense Therapeutics

Clark Braxton Presidential Campaign

Castello Da Vinci


Fed by greed and notions of racial superiority, a huge global biotech corporation is about to unleash a killer gene that has rested undisturbed inside every human being for thousands of years.

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The Da Vinci Codex is Missing!

The Da Vinci Legacy by Lewis Perdue, the original Leonardo art and religion thriller plagiarized by Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code

The ORIGINAL thriller about Leonardo, art and religion is BACK in print.

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Finally, all of my books in one place.

Daughter of God
The original art and Vatican conspiracy thriller about religion and the search for the lost Goddess in Christianity.

The Da Vinci Crock
This is a blog covering the Random House/Dan Brown plagiarism court case.

This is a blog covering Dan Brown's various fabrications, boasts and fictional inflation of his life and accomplishments.


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This book would not have been possible without the help and guidance of many people who selflessly gave their time and effort. I am forever indebted to the numerous hours so freely given by Dr. Bradford Stone and Jasmine Thompson and the unfettered access to their notes, archives and other research they were able to hide when Homeland Security seized the bulk of their files during that memorable and unconstitutional pre-dawn raid. I would also like to thank:
  • Sgt. Vince Sloane, Sonoma County Sheriff?s Dept. (Ret.) for technical assistance.
  • Reserve Deputy David Simon, Los Angeles County Sheriff?s Department for inspiration.
  • Col. Richard Gabriel (U.S. Army, Ret.) for his scholarly works, especially No More Heroes which first raised the issue of the ?brave pill.?
  • Al Thompson and Lena Grayson who kept me from hanging myself and taught me grace and self-reliance.
  • Jay Shanker who could single-handedly chance society?s images of attorneys if they would all behave like him.
  • Rex and Anita McNabb for being such valued friends and for helping my mother, Anabel Bradford Ellis during her final years.
  • Steve LaVere who has helped preserve Robert Johnson?s legacy and advanced the cause of the Delta?s original Bluesmen and has been so generous with his time and support.
  • Dr. Arthur C. Guyton who supported my love and education in science and medicine.
  • Dr. Jeff Flowers for helping explain and interpret the various types of brain scans.
  • My deepest gratitude to General Clark Braxton (U.S. Army, Ret.) for the generous time he gave me along with the tours of Castello Da Vinci and tastings of his wine; and to his assistant Laura LaHaye and Defense Therapeutics for coordinating my access.
  • Retired Sheriff's deputy sergeant John Myers and Tyrone Freedman for allowing me access to some awesome, disturbing and historically important photos.
  • Bill Waller, former Mississippi governor and my one-time boss who had the courage to go after the assassin of Medgar Evers back when it was dangerous to do so.
  • Stephen Huntington at, the world's best web hosting service and tech Gary Anagnostis who has made everything look so easy.
  • Clifford Scarbourough for his years of keeping things running and healthy.
  • Despite the dark side of his soul, I am still grateful to the Judge who offered a look into the power structure that ran the state for so long. I am also grateful to have spent so much time on Mossy Plantation and fishing on the lake and having the hell scared out of me by the cotton gin in Itta Bena.